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Famous Ironwood Heart Sculpture



Dwight Bennett a native Phoenician and art graduate of Arizona State University, has specialized in Arizona ironwood sculptures for more than 30 years! He has perfected an exclusive technique of combining two of nature's most rare, but most beautiful creations, pure silver and majestic Arizona ironwood!

An exclusive rare style of art has recently been released from a private collection. It captures the Southwestern ambiance of a hard and rugged, yet delicate form of art. This unique and one-of-a-kind Art form is now being offered to selected Cardio-Vascular Surgeons and others throughout the World.

The artist has created a sculpture of the human heart, which is approximately 9" X 11", and has titled it "LIFE". This beautiful piece of art was sculptured from the world's hardest wood, namely, majestic Arizona ironwood and has shimmering silver inlaid throughout the sculpture. This rare piece of art has been shown by the prestigious Phoenix Art Museum, throughout the United States from New York to San Francisco. He also does commission works through his Online Art Gallery!

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